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Starting your day right with the Keto diets
Starting your day right with the Keto diets

I’m flattered that you’d even be curious about me, the person that runs Keto Lane Co.

I am Garreth. If there’s one thing you should know about me, and it’s that I am a really huge fan of the Keto diet. And why I think the Keto diet is the best diet for beginners (or anyone in fact).

You may ask why. And to be honest, it was a tough time getting to where I am now. I’m currently weighing in at about 170 pounds. That’s about all right for a 6 feet tall male.

About 4-5 years ago, I would never have thought that where I am now would have been possible. Back then, I led a very sedentary lifestyle. My daily routine involved large amounts of eating, sleeping, and work.

You could see the vicious cycle that was starting to settle in my life. Stress from work certainly wasn’t helping me get a grip on my lifestyle. The more I worked, the more stress I got, the more I eat, the less I sleep.

And I was only in my early 30s. What do you think could have happened if I let it continue?

That vision

Then came a day when an old friend called me up and it was at that meeting that I would say my life changed. No, I didn’t mean that the negative aspects of my life disappeared just like that.

But it was my conversation with him that sparked certain realisations about what I wanted out of my life. And to be stuck in that vicious cycle, I certainly did not want.

Perhaps it was also his job to advocate for positive lifestyles since he was a fitness trainer. He’s seen and helped many get themselves on track. You could say I was one of them.

He sold me one item that I will never forget. In fact, I took that item and fostered it as my own. It’s why I am typing this page up; it’s why this website even exists.

He sold me a vision. The vision of a healthy, worry-free, stress-free life.

You might think that’s a serious exaggeration because there’s no life that’s so worry-free and stress-free. You’re right, there isn’t.

But what he’s really trying to tell me is that I have the controls to my life. And it certainly isn’t like the Black Mirror: Bandersnatch episode where someone from a distant 21st Century Netflix viewer is trying to control my life.

What happens in my life comes down to me and what I do with it. It sounds easy, it sounds stupid. No shit, sherlock.

But what people don’t realise is that: they know that they have the controls to their life but they DO NOT explicitly exact their controls on their life. They let everything else depict what their lifestyle becomes.

In my case, I let my work stress me out, so much so that I do not take proper care of myself. And it was at that meeting that I realise it’s unacceptable.

No freaking way.

That was the moment when I want to switch up my life. To take a more positive step to a better life. Sure I cannot erase the stress from work and life, but I can make small, easy, positive steps to help ensure I do not fall victim to that vicious cycle ever again.

That’s when I started reading and researching diets, fitness regimens, and everything related to that life I want.

Welcome to the world of Ketogenic diets

That’s when Ketogenic diets entered my life.

And I’ve never turned my back on it ever since. I lost 30-40 pounds in about a year. My life started to turn around. I started to become more energetic and lively at work and at home (after work).

Even my colleagues and partner commented on the changes they saw in me. It’s so amazing that these changes have such explicit effects that people can observe.

The Keto diet isn’t a cure for everything. It’s not the magic pill you take to erase the bad in your life. It’s a lifestyle.

Sharing the joys of life and more

That’s what I want to do with this website.

I believe that through the years, I’ve learnt a lot about the Ketogenic diet, ketosis, and the hundreds of recipes I’ve tried to make it work for me.

And I believe that I can make your Keto journey a lot quicker than it was for me. Only because no one was there to help me. You can be glad that I’m here. That’s why I know I can make your weight loss journey faster.

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I want to help you regain your life back in your own hands. Because I don’t believe anyone else should have those keys.

You only live once

A very apt and true description of our lives.

Weight loss made possible with Keto diets
Weight loss made possible with Keto diets

Perhaps you face these situations in your present life:

  • No clue where to start the Keto diet, or have tried other diets and failed miserably in the past, and have become afraid to start again
  • Experienced immeasurable fatigue waking up in the morning and throughout the day
  • Cannot find the right place to kickstart your Keto journey because you’ve seen so many “scams”

Noticed how I didn’t start by convincing you that this is the place to start your journey? I want you to understand and hear first hand from me about my own journey.

I want you to know that it was difficult as it is for you right now. And I want you to know that it’s not impossible to get yourself on the Keto diet and change everything.

I have come out of it and I want to help you do so.

I’m not going to describe how awful you feel because you understand it so fully well already. I do too.

I want to focus on how that can be changed because that’s what matters now.

That’s why I started this website. This is where I share:

  • The inspiring Keto recipes that proved to me that dieting is tasty and refreshing
  • Informational posts about everything the Ketogenic diet, Ketosis process, or the Keto flu
  • Fitness regimens to enhance your weight loss journey as it did for me

I won’t ask for you to trust me because I know I can’t. And like I said, the keys to your life rest in your hands.

I only ask that you bookmark this website for its resources I share because I know they’ll be helpful for you.

And for you to share to anyone you think might appreciate its usefulness too.

In fact, a very good way to keep up with what’s happening is to join the mailing list.

Send me more Keto Recipes and Inspirations!
(We hate spam as much as you do and you’ll receive no more than 1 email a week.)